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GoOats Variety Pack
Richard Caplan
Great Product

These oatmeal are so tasty and convenient.

Maple Brown Sugar and Apple Cinnamon Combo Pack
Kerry Kilborn

Maple Brown Sugar and Apple Cinnamon Combo Pack

GoOats Variety Pack
Emily Burke
Always Perfect

GoOats are always the perfect choice - as part of a meal or as a snack when nothing else is calling my name. I enjoy the taste and the texture. We choose to prep them in the air fryer, which is simple and convenient. Our kids love them, too! Sure, they're a sweet treat, but compared to sugary cereal, there is more nutritional value - especially when balanced with a good source of protein. We've tried all of the flavors. They are all worth raving about, though I would say Maple Brown Sugar is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your creation with the rest of us. I will never get tired of them.

Excellent product, highly recommend

Great product, variety pack gives you a sampling of most flavors. Will reorder.

Cran-Walnut Oatmeal in a Ball

Great product, excellent taste, super new flavor

Great for Quick Breakfast

I enjoy having a few of these on mornings when I want a change from my normal morning meal.


Love Go Oats!
My favorites are the Maple Brown Sugar and Blueberry.
If you have not tried these oatmeal balls, you are missing out!

Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon Combo Pack
Mary G
go oats review

I grab these from the refrigerator and eat. I have very early hearings and they are just right for zoom meetings and coffee.

Great breakfast!

Simple and delicious.

GoOats Variety Pack

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal in a Ball
Gary M

New morning ritual!

Really great product.

The GoOats is a great product. My family loves them. Never knew the product existed but saw it on an internet ad. We are very pleased with it. The flavors are great. Thank you so much!

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal in a Ball
Lori S
Love these!

I'm not even an oatmeal fan but absolutely love these oatmeal balls! I think it's the crispy exterior combined with the warm creamy oatmeal center. I have these almost every morning!

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal in a Ball
Tommy G
Delicious and so easy to buy and eat

Had trouble finding these delicious oat balls in the stores... Always out of stock (gee I wonder why?) until I stumbled upon the actual business that makes them and offers them up to me directly! Yes! No more incompetent middle man. Now I'm stocked up and good to go (for awhile anyway)

It’s an absolute great product. Flavor is great and it cooks just like the packaging says. Very pleased. First time user.

Simply Delicious

Can't decide which flavor to get? The GoOats Variety pack makes it easy to get four delicious flavors in one box - yay for mix-and-match breakfast

Apple Cinnamon and Cran-Walnut Combo Pack
Joe A
A regular thing, now….

I’ve replaced bread with these great little balls of oats. Convenient and deliciously good!

Cran-Walnut Oatmeal in a Ball
Ohsomia A

Sooo good! Especially when made in the air frye!

Blueberry and Cran-Walnut Combo Pack
R Brantley
The convenient on the go

The convenient on the go filling option you have when your on the road

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal in a Ball
P Fedders
My wife loves these

My wife loves them

Blueberry and Maple Brown Sugar Combo Pack

This company lost me as a customer for the auto shipment I did NOT order!! The price is wasaaaaaay to high for what they shipped I. absolutely will never buy this product again!! The product flavor was on the bland side! ! Don’t buy it!! Buyer beware!! They Will auto you! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Blueberry and Cran-Walnut Combo Pack

Tasty and unique!

Took long to ship but product is good

Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry Combo Pack
Ctrg 2013
I love the texture

I love the texture of GoOats. I know that oats are good for me but I can’t stand eating mushy bowls of oatmeal. GoOats solved that problem and all of the flavors are delicious!